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PROJECTS  Design of Long Power Cable Emulator

In many industries, Medium Voltage VFDs have to operate with long motor cables. Also, in some applications the transformer is not integrated and long cables are installed between the transformer and the drive's input. The cable length at motor side is up to 500 m and at transformer side is around 100 m. 
Power cable emulator was developed in order to simplify the system testing. It allows testing of the system with cables of 100-500 m length. Hence, instead of installing long cables, which requires a large factory space and major investments, the cable emulator is placed in a separate cabinet and connected directly to the drive's input/output. During this project, an electrical circuit of passive component has been specified and simulated for power cable emulator up to 500 m. This cable emulator allowed much easier testing of the systems designed to work with long cables.

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